Friday, November 8, 2013

Back in The Game

I realize that two years shouldn't be a hiatus… not sure how I went so long without posting. I'll chalk it up to how tumultuous the past two years have been. 4 moves, three different cities, two states, and a federal district, and 4 apartments. 3 new jobs, school, and a whole lot of changes. But here I find myself again. Just in time for Thanksgivingukkah. An event that won't happen for another 8,000 years.

Not sure what Thanksgiving will look like this year other than sunnier and warmer than past climes. Last year I slept through it on my parent's couch in Siena, Italy. We celebrated by going to Italian class and eating pasta, otherwise known as a regular Thursday for them. So this year will be nice to spend time with my sister and her new husband (which is still weird to say, but I digress). So Santa Barbara prepare. We're going to get fat and sassy. My dear sister and I have already begun thinking of what cooking and baking we can do not just for the meal, but the week surrounding it. Oy.

Not to certain what I'll do for Chanukkah. But there are good fooling opportunities. I think since I will be back in the 7th night, I'll make cookies, rugelach (see pervious posts) and latkes. For me. Maybe I'll share. But I promise to post recopies, and photos, and yes. I'll set the table :)

But this weekend should provide some good blogging material and some great food. The line up includes, coffee, cocoa, coconut brisket in the slow cooker, apple pie, yogurt (not exciting), challah baked with these vegan buttery sticks I'm excited to try, and I think that is about it.

Happy Friday everyone and pro tip, don't use damp towels to as makeshift hot pads. They conduct heat. Take it from my experience.

Photos are from the most recent adventures had in French cooking, so this post isn't so boring.

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